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Where to Buy Parenting Books for Swedish Couples Online

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Notable sites such as reviewsbird.se say that new parents in Sweden often search for clues on how to go about their responsibilities as parents and do not usually find answers to their many questions. As an expectant parent in Sweden, there is a need to know what bringing up a child entails. This will ensure your first taste of action in the parenting league doesn’t end up in chaos or frustration.

If you find yourself in this situation, here are some bookstores you can shop online in Sweden for books on parenting.


Amazon remains the master of all online trades in different aspects of life. Thus, it is no surprise that you can find parenting books from this global brand. Given Amazon’s universal reach, it won’t be a problem getting a hardcopy parenting book shipped to you in Sweden or a Swedish app for books. And if you are into digital, Amazon is one of the best places to get digital versions of books. Go to their online store and search for parenting books that interest you.


Bokus is an online bookshop boasting more than 10 million titles. The company took off in Lund in 1997. Ernst Malmsten and Kajsa Leander founded the company. The brand was sold to KF Media the following year. Two years later, Bertelsmann bought 50% part of the company. The company returned to KF Media again, becoming the full owner.

Bokus hopes that everyone can enjoy the happiness of reading daily. The company has an extensive collection of titles, including those on parenting. They also use popular Nordic payment methods such as Postnord and Klarna.


Campus-bokhandeln is a unique online bookshop that tags itself as Sweden’s friendliest and environmental friendliest bookshop. The brand provides affordable books for students by selling used materials, aiding ecology as more trees are saved. You can sell your books on the platform if you want. The company has outlets all over Sweden, including Lund, Stockholm, Karlstad, Uppsala, and Linkoping. You can find parenting books on their online store and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Apple Green Books

Apple Green Books is an online bookstore dedicated to English children’s and specialty books. You will find an assortment of parenting books on their virtual shop. The brand believes children don’t come with a user manual, hence the need to read parenting books. The company is based in Uppsala, Sweden. You can get books for your kids and a few Swedish books too.

The English Bookshop

The English Bookshop calls itself the book lover’s paradise. The online brand has three physical stores in Sweden: Uppsala, Stockholm, and Goteborg. The brand’s online shop is packed with books on different genres and topics, including parenting. You can order your preferred book and get it delivered to you. The brand was established in 1995.


Parenting is not easy, especially for couples with little or no experience with children. That is why you need all the help and tips to navigate the often troubled waters of parenting. You can learn a lot from books on parenting. If you are in Sweden and need such books from online vendors, the names mentioned above can help.