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The Best Christmas Food to Try in Finland

The food during the Christmas holidays takes a different turn. We get to say a variety of food and dishes as we explore different cultures. And when it comes to Christmas food, Finland can’t be left undiscussed. The Finnish culture has a deep connection with Christmas. They have invented their unique ways of celebrating Christmas for 70 years. The Christmas food and Christmas gifts are of equal importance to the Finns. You will get to try many Finnish food items during the holiday season. The list can be huge, but we will try to include the items with the best Finnish reviews.

Top 10 best Finnish Christmas foods to try in 2022!

The following are probably the tastiest Finnish Christmas food that you should try in 2022. Take a look and see what cuisines and drinks you can look forward to.

1. Glögi (Hot Wine)

Golögi is among the most famous dishes in Finland. It’s a spicy, sweet, hot wine with an intense flavor, just like the favorite mulled wine. Its specialty is that it contains blackcurrant juice which gives it a deep berry flavor.

2. Joulutorttu (Christmas Star Cookies)

Joulutorttu is highly recommended for delicious star-shaped pastries. These are fruity and buttery and are served with prune jam. You can also add your flavors to it.

3. Honey Baked Ham

Unlike other Europeans, Finns like to have Baked Ham for Christmas instead of turkey. This sweet and tender honey-baked ham is prepared in pineapple or orange juice. This not only makes it tender but also makes it more flavourful.

4. Piparkakut (Gingerbread Biscuits)

Piparkakut is a spicy, crunchy, and orange-flavored ginger biscuit but a bit lighter than gingerbread. When served with powdered sugar and royal icing, these biscuits surpass any other Christmas cookies.

5. Roselli (Beetroot Salad)

This salad is a mix of beetroot, potatoes, and pickles. They are famous in Finland and other countries like France, Germany, and Sweden. You can choose boiled or pickled beets if you prefer an acidic taste to the salad.

6.Kaalilaatikko (Cabbage Casserole)

Kaalilaatikko is another healthy Christmas food in Finland. It includes ground beef, onions, and cabbage, making it light and bulky. You can also add meat sausages instead of ground beef.

7. Lihapullat (Traditional Meatballs)

Lihapullat has simply seasoned meatballs. The meat can be a mix of beef and ham, or you can use ham or beef. They are served with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam.

8. Finnish Spice Cake

This fluffy Finnish Christmas cake is spicy and tastes like gingerbread. They are tender enough that they don’t need frosting. They can be even tastier with molasses and salted caramel sauce.

9. Cardamom Bread (Pulla Wreath)

The unique flavored Finnish cardamom bread is made of bread and jam and has mixed reviews. They are either loved or hated. But they are worth a try.

10. Finnish Rice Porridge

The Finnish rice porridge is a specialty for Christmas. It’s a Finnish tradition to hide an almond in one of the bowls of rice porridge servings. The person who finds the almond is supposed to have a good luck charm until next Christmas. This rice porridge has a neutral taste which makes its flavor modifiable. However, it tastes best when taken with butter and cinnamon sugar.

The Final Verdict

The Christmas vibes in Finland are unmatched. And Finnish food plays an essential role in it. The variety of delicious and mouth-watering food you will find is hard to find anywhere else.